Walking with weights

I was out with my dog and saw something that compelled me to write a post immediately!

A woman power walking with wrist and ankle weights.

You might be thinking, “But I thought adding resistance was good!” or “It’s multitasking!” I will get to how to do those things, but wrist and ankle weights during exercise is not the answer.

Why? Because it stresses your joints and can actually stretch them to the point of injury. This is because of the physics of torque. Basically, the result is that by weighting the far ends of the extremities and then swinging them back and forth, we become like Barbie when the rubber bands inside get stretched. Not good.

So, if we want to add resistance to a cardio exercise and increase the energy it takes to do it, then we want to add that to our center. We can do that with a weighted vest or pack.

If we want to multitask, the closest things would be a really heavy weight lifting session or a sprint session.

Stay safe and keep moving!