I have loved movement and exercise since I started dancing at age 3. Health became my passion in high school when I lost my grandmother to complications from type 1 diabetes and my grandfather to a sudden heart attack. My remaining grandmother then went through heart bypass surgery and I watched as she did cardiac rehab. This ignited my interest in exercise as something more than fun.

I also love to cook. I remember finishing my work in Library Science class in high school and using the rest of the time to pour through cooking magazines. Around this time I also discovered the Food Network. I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying out things like sourdough starter and painting melted chocolate on mint leaves to make garnishes, haha!

These combined when I studied Health and Exercise Science at Wake Forest University and did my honors research on the interactions between diet and exercise in weight loss. I went on to earn my Masters Degree in Exercise and Sport Science at UNC Chapel Hill. I started working with people on their weight loss goals in 2001.

Life changed when I became a mom. I wasn’t able to continue high intensity exercise and super healthy eating during pregnancy as I’d always planned. My body didn’t agree with my plans! This experience and the struggles of trying to feed a little person with her own ideas of what she wants to eat, gave me a new appreciation for what moms are up against. It forced me to develop streamlined systems for food and exercise so that I could get my health back without sacrificing family time.

My passion is helping people reach their health and wellness goals safely and effectively. I love creating a safe, no-judgement zone and celebrating with people when they reach their goals.