Categories of Exercise

There are four main types of exercise: cardiorespiratory, strengthening, flexibility, and balance.

Cardio is repetitive movements of large muscle groups.

Strengthening exercises involve overloading the muscles.

Flexibility exercises are designed to increase joint range of motion. Balance exercises improve agility and stability.

On the surface, these seem straightforward, and they can be. Cardio can be walking or cycling. Strengthening can be weight lifting. Flexibility can be simple stretching, and balance can be as simple as standing on one foot.

The fun part is when these intersect! Sprinting can be both cardio and strength training. Yoga can be cardio, strengthening, flexibility, and balance depending on the type of practice.

Do you get the gist? Now, go out and have fun incorporating these categories for a well-rounded plan. Need help? Drop me a line!