Author: Tracy

Training Zones

*Originally published in my first blog, Exercise Navigator. I was recently asked about the levels, or zones, that you see on the machines at the gym.  For example, if you’re at x heart rate, then you are in your “fat burning zone”.  What does that mean? First, let’s remember that heart rate is tied to […]

Heart Rate Target

*Originally published on my first blog, Exercise Navigator. I am often asked for a “target zone” for a client’s heart rate.   Let me start by saying that there are many reasons to have a target zone and many ways to get it.  In my mind, the most compelling reasons are avoiding “badness”, a term […]

When to Breathe When Lifting Weights

I started to title this “When to Breathe”, but I thought I should be more specific, haha! It’s tempting to hold your breath when you’re lifting weights, especially heavy ones. The danger in that in doing so, some people do what’s called a Valsalva maneuver. This is when you exhale against a closed glottis, or […]

Walking with weights

I was out with my dog and saw something that compelled me to write a post immediately! A woman power walking with wrist and ankle weights. You might be thinking, “But I thought adding resistance was good!” or “It’s multitasking!” I will get to how to do those things, but wrist and ankle weights during […]

Risky Exercises

Have you seen that video of the guy in the gym and all of the strange exercises he sees people doing? Some of these things really happen, folks. Sometimes these things are funny, but not dangerous, like people dancing while they’re on the treadmill. However, sometimes exercises, even “normal” appearing ones, can be dangerous. Here’s […]

Order of Exercise Categories

There is some controversy around the “correct” order of exercises. So, I will share what I’ve learned through the years and why I recommend this order. Start with a gentle cardio warm-up. This is usually a slower version of the activity you’re about to do. This loosens up your body and gets more blood to […]

Categories of Exercise

There are four main types of exercise: cardiorespiratory, strengthening, flexibility, and balance. Cardio is repetitive movements of large muscle groups. Strengthening exercises involve overloading the muscles. Flexibility exercises are designed to increase joint range of motion. Balance exercises improve agility and stability. On the surface, these seem straightforward, and they can be. Cardio can be […]

The best diet?

There have been lots of opinions on the best diet through the years. Some are based on research, some not, but most work for some people. I get asked for my opinion on different diets all the time. I must admit that my opinion has changed through the years so here are my current thoughts. […]

Proper order of weight lifting exercises

Clients often ask why we do exercises in a certain order. There is a method to all. So let’s discuss the reasoning. Compound exercises and large muscle groups first. This is because compound movements involve muscles of different sizes. Therefore, if we tire out the smaller muscles with isolated exercises first, then the larger muscles […]